Starting out with doujinshi and manga.

If you're interested in Death Note and D.Gray-man, I'm selling off doujinshi of both canons. And then some random manga titles. That post is updated whenever I add something new, will it be manga or other merchandise.



Sorry, spamming. But. This is possibly my most favourite song today, or lately, at all, aside from Fireflies.

IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY and I want to FLY. I've been dancing around outside earlier today, and my room for the past half hour, to this very song ♥

EDIT: Didn't do much today, as always on my birthday, but I got about $129 in birthday present, combined from my parents and my grandparents! Which is amazing! This means I can save up for travels and djsndjkgf ;o; I needed that.
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